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Raw Image Conversion Services

For a professional wedding photographer, it is a challenging task to capture the priceless moments in wedding events. It is equally big and post processing challenge for a portrait photographer to convert the raw files with all its flaws into a breathtaking shot. With the evolution of modern digital photography techniques, now it is very easy to interact with photos from capturing, storing and sharing them. Also with the help of these technologies and latest editing softwares with various formats we can complete any task with ease; Nowadays for professionals to layman, everyone need image conversion to various formats based on the needs.

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The Biggest challenge faced by the professionals, while outsourcing photo conversion to different formats is quality and on-time delivery. We at Images retouch has a team of highly skilled professionals who worked with many clients across the globe, can understand your concern and satisfy your needs.We have invested into technology, software and people to ensure you get high quality, distortion and noise free images on time.

Reasons to take images in the RAW format?

  1. Better image quality
  2. Uncompressed / lossy compression
  3. Finer control on parameters
  4. 12-14 bits of intensity information
  5. Color space can be set
  6. Demosaicing algorithms can be used

Why Use Raw images?

With the advanced and latest conversion softwares, the entire process of image sharpening, color correction and raw image conversion become very easy for an amateur photographer. Though these softwares has more capabilities and options, professional image editors specialized picture conversion software like DXO optics and Photoshop cs to tide over the limitations of software bundled with cameras. When professionals use raw images, they can also utilize powerful hardwares and softwares in correcting image distortions and control sharpening and compression.

When it comes to high definition images, we can able to understand serious photographers jargons, technology and attention to detail because of handful experience with them in the past. With the help our expert team, and its robust transition, delivery and quality processes we can able to able to all your image conversion needs and deliver superior quality.

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Raw Image Conversion Process:

Raw Image [or] Sensor images are a collection of individual pixels created by the image sensors of a digital camera.Each sensor has a filter, (called the color filter array) for three primary colors [i.e] red, blue, green. This Color filter is mainly helpful to create the final human viewable image in a RGB format.The processor in the camera has to use various algorithms and the most difficult called Demosaicing on the raw image to produce a picture file. Traditional raw image conversion techniques will cause few problems which makes the digital images grainy, with poor color and less natural.

The challenges involved in raw image conversion are as follows:

  1. Moire Pattern - Overlapping of patterns forming a silky effect
  2. Stair stepping - Irregular lines replacing straight ones
  3. False Colors - The filters have more green pixels as it is easily viewable to a human eye than red or blue. This leads to aliasing in red and blue and leading to false colors.

Advantages of DXO:

DXO Labs with its superior Demosaicing technology has lot of advantages in raw image conversion services. It will be more helpful in converting raw images to high quality sharp RGB format by revolutionizing image reconstruction technology.DXO engine enables corrections in 16-bits thus providing ultimate quality of rendering while retaining the ability to "touch up" the images.

Why opt for Images Retouch's conversion of raw images services?

Following are the reasons why to choose Images Retouch for raw image conversion services:

  1. Highly Skilled Professionals providing advanced technological support along with creative inputs
  2. High Quality and On-time Delivery
  3. A cost effective and time-effective outsourcing partner
  4. High Confidentiality and security of your files and folders

At Images Retouch, For all your image conversion needs.we use latest software and cutting edge technologies in-house and scale our capabilities and deliver you the best possible results within quick turnaround time.

If you want to outsource raw image conversion requirements, feel free to get in touch with us or talk to one of our representatives and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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